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Newbury Dolls

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The following is a truncated list of designs handcrafted by Newbury Doll Co.  Additional items will be added soon.

Classic Angel
Beautifully handcrafted angel can be displayed atop a shelf or a Christmas tree. Satin fabric with soft-scuplted face and gold-toned accents.  Available hair colors include blonde, brunette, black, and red.  Available eye colors include blue and brown.

Satin Forest Elf
This poseable forest elf doll would make a charming addition to any home.  Satin body, velvet accessories, and gold bells add a touch of class to this item.  Also available in a red and green Christmas color scheme.  Approximately 24" in height.  Adjustable 16 gauge wire infrastructure.

Country Scarecrow
Whimsical scarecrow will add country charm to your decor.  Made of canvas material with felt hat, plaid shirt and denim jeans.  Straw accents add the finishing touches.  Approximately 24" tall.  Adjustable body supported by 16 gauge wire.

Velvet Winter Forest Elf
This adorable forest elf would be an excellent addition to a mantle, a Christmas tree, a table, a name it!  It is also one of our most popular gift items.  Crafted of the highest quality velvet with faux fur detailing.  Also available with blonde, black or red hair. Stands about 12" tall.  Adjustable with 16 gauge wire infrastructure.

Santa Claus and Mrs. Clara Claus
Jolly Old Saint Nick is created with his famed Christmas splendor featuring a gorgeous velvet overgarment with white faux fur trim and an ample bag of holiday gifts.  Mrs. Clara Claus features a lovely red velvet dress and hat along with a traditional plaid shawl.  The hair on both dolls is made of authentic Australian wool.  Mr. and Mrs. Claus come in small (48.00), medium (85.00) and large sizes (130.00).  Life-sized dolls are available by special order.
$48.00 (sm), $85.00 (md), $130.00 (lg)

This benevolent witch will happily add magical charm to your home!  Crafted with felt clothes and a handmade broom and individually dyed hair.  About 24" tall with adjustable wire body formed of 16 gauge wire.

All items are individually handcrafted of soft-sculpture materials in the United States, and are guaranteed to be of the finest possible quality.  All prices are in US dollars.

798 Lighthouse Ave., #329 * Monterey, CA * US * 93940